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If appliance servicers count on us for their Lynx + Sedona Grill parts, why shouldn't you? Skip the repair bill and do it yourself with the help of our expert Part Pros who have access to an exclusive library of Parts Diagrams, Exploded Views, Service Bulletins + Factory Technical Support. Open 7 days a week. We're waiting for your call. 630-787-4477

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Need a part right away? Catch us in the morning and we would be happy to overnight it to eliminate downtime with your favorite Lynx or Sedona Grill. We guarantee we will pick out the correct part every time. Open 7 days a week. We're waiting for your call. 630-787-4477

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The best place to find your Lynx Model and Serial Number is on the grill itself. It can be found in one of two places.

1. Under the grease drip tray. Pull out the tray and look underneath it. It’s right in the middle near the grease drip tray handle.

2. Behind the control panel. This one is trickier. First remove the grease drip tray. Then remove all the control knobs. Look under the control panel for either tabs, which pull towards each other for quick removal, or screws, which when removed will allow you to remove the panel and reveal the sticker.

You can also find your Lynx Model and Serial Number in either the manual or the inspection sheet that was included with your grill.

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briquettes + trays

The ceramic briquettes normally burn off any accumulated food drippings. If you let them go to far, no worries, we stock brand new briquettes and briquette trays.


Lynx burners are meant to last, but every once in awhile, you may want to replace them for better peformance or that brand-new grill look.

cooking grates

Keeping your cooking grates free from rust is essential for food safety. If you notice that your grates have begun to rust, it's time for a replacement.

ignition parts

The most essential parts for any Lynx or Sedona Grills.  Spark Generators, Glo Plugs, Electrodes, Wires and everything you need to fire up your Lynx Grill.

refurbish + rebuild

custom quotes for your lynx grill make-over

If you've got an older Lynx or Sedona Grill that needs a cosmetic and functional tune-up, no worries.  We do custom quotes for multiple-part make-overs, so you can pimp your grill without breaking the bank.

From burners to briquettes.  From grates to knobs.  We'll go over your entire Lynx or Sedona Grill from head to toe and custom quote you.  Now we're cooking!

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grill covers

Lynx + sedona

From built-in grills to free-standing grills. From sinks to side burners. From taps to trash chutes. We've got you covered!

Lynx covers are custom tailored to each piece and designed to carefully preserve the gleam of stainless steel with a rugged outer shell. Call now at 630-787-4477 and we will help you find the correct cover for your Lynx grill. Guaranteed!